†This cat judges list is property of the foundation of independent internationaal cat judges, it is prohibited to duplicate this list without written permission of the owner. The judges on this list have been screened on their qualification, by the organisations like the WCF-CFA-TICA, G.C.C.F., and LOOF, or the committee of the foundation, to judge the breeds that are stated in this list.

Netherlands-Flag-iconBruijn de, Astrid

Mail: Ade.Bruyn@upcmail.nl

Tel: 0031.(0)181.633005

Judge: Allround Persian and Exotic Shorthair – Birman- Burmilla- Tiffanie- Tibetaan-Bombay-Tonkanese- Russian- Nebelung- British Shorthair- Scottish Fold- Chartreux- British Longhair-Thai – Savannah – Bengal.

Netherlands-Flag-iconBruijn de, Michael

Mail: Mde.Bruyn67@upcmail.nl

Tel: 0031(0)181633005

Int. Judge: Allround Persian-Exotic shorthair- British Shorthair.- Scottish Fold- Japanse Bobtail- Korat- Oriental Shorthair – Thai-  Siamese – Balinese – Bengal –  Burmees – Asians – Tonkanese – Singapura – Tibetaan – Russian- Nebelung- Selkirk Rex –  Mandarin- British Longhair-Maine Coon- Norwegian Forest Cat- Siberian Cat-  Neva Masquerade -Ragdoll- Birman – Savannah.

Netherlands-Flag-iconGroot de, Ineke

Mail: w.degroot@quicknet.nl

Judge: Siamese-Oriental Shorthair-Thai-Abessinians-Somali-Balinese-Mandarin-Norwegian Forest Cat-Maine Coon.


Netherlands-Flag-iconLeeuwen van, Susanne

Mail: susanne@cattery-heavenly.nl

Tel: 0031(0)621455321

Int. Judge: Siamese-Oriental Shorthair-Thai-Peterbald-Rexen-Sphynx-Balinees-Mandarin-Maine Coon-Norwegian Forest Cat- Siberian Cat- Neva Masquerade.

Netherlands-Flag-iconMittemeijer Henk

Mail:  Mittemeijer25@zonnet.nl
Mail:  Hmi@kabelfoon.nl

Keurmeester: Allround Persian longhair – Exotic Shorthair

tel: 0031-(0)703908730

Netherlands-Flag-iconPeters John

Mail: guidici2@hotmail.com

Tel: 0031(0)117392999

Int. Allbreed Judge

Netherlands-Flag-iconPeters, Piet

Mail: guidici2@hotmail.com

Tel: 0031(0)117392999

Int. Allbreed Judge

Netherlands-Flag-iconVestjens, Peter

Email: pvestjens1@home.nl

Tel: 0031(0)463013

Int. Allbreed Judge

belgium_flag_256Heyninck, Donald

Email: donald.heyninck@telenet.be


Int. Allbreed Judge


Maes, Arlette

Email: arlette.maes@pandora.be

Tel: 0032(0)37710970

Int. Judge : Allround  Persian Longhair- Exotic shorthair


Weerts, Jose

Mail: jose.weerts@tvcablenet.be

Tel: 0032(0)8121338

Int. Allbreed judge


Wijnants, Elke

Email: info@british-shorthair.com

Tel: 0032(0)496408813

Judge: Allround Persian Longhair + Exotic Shorthair – British Shorthair+British Longhair-Scottish Fold+Highland Fold – Snowshoe-American Curl – Maine Coon – Ragdoll – Birman

belgium_flag_256Wuytack, Sandra

Mail: sandra.wuytack@telenet.be

Tel: 0032(0)496513714

Int. Allbreed Judge

United-Kingdom-flag-iconBehold, the Judge list  G.C.C.F.


Behold, the Judge list L.O.O.F.
1, Rue de Pre Saint Gervais
93697 Ceder Pantin


Appold, Traudel

Email: germerica@web.de

Tel: 0049(0)6172390815

Allbreed Judge


Appold, Hans Jochem

Email: germerica@web.de

Tel: 0049(0)6172390815

Judge:  Allround Persian – Exotic  Shorthair –  Siamese- Oriental Shorthair- Cymric- Manx – Ocicat – Abyssian


Fourate, Gabriele

Email: gabriele.fourate@t-online.de

Tel: 0049(0)618725980

Int. Allbreed Judge


Gremmel, Ute

Email: ute.gremmel@googlemail.com

Tel.  0049(0)43473916

Int. Allbreed Judge


Hamann, Thomas

Email: vomhausehamann@t-online.de

Tel. 0049(0)361601997
Tel. 0049(0)1797040761

Int. Allbreed Judgegermany_flag_256

Langhammer, Barbara

Email: gerd.langhammer@t-online.de

Tel: 0049(0)6152960575

Int. Allbreed Judge


Malz. Sven

Email: blue_bkh@web.de

Tel: 0049(0)2272903848

Allbreed Judge


Petermann, Petra

Email: Petra.petermann@web.de

Tel: 0049(0)3629812066

Allbreed Judge

germany_flag_256Reinhardt-Venneman, Manfred

Email: info@siam-orientalen.de

Tel: 0049(0)6917527385

Int. Allbreed Judge


Notthof, Margaret

Mail: cats@hachetal.de

Tel: 0049(0)42419210636

Int. Allbreed Judge


Dr. Victor N. Zaalov

Email: catland.israel@gmail.com

Tel: 00972523616655

Int. Allbreed Judge



Bardello, Antonello

Email: realcoon@virgilo.it

Tel: 0032023553977

Int. Allbreed Judge


Mosna, Giuseppe

Email: Giuseppe.mosna@gmail.com

Tel: 0039(0)34732441177

Judge: Siamese – Oriental Shorthair


Sala, Susanna

Email: Susanna.mt.sala@gmail.com

Tel: 0039(0)349692580

Int. Allbreed Judge


Ruggiero, Eleanora

Email: info@abessini.com

Tel: 0039(0)3388214376

Int. Allbreed Judge


Veneziani, Paolo

Email: bran@laraduribricht.it
Email: Presidenza@afefonline.it

Tel: 0039(0)3406520281

Int. Allbreed Judge: Longhair and  Shorthair

Kolczynski, Kamil

Email: ka.kolczynski@gmail.com

Tel: 0048(0)607667844

Int. Allround judge

Wojciech,  Albert-Kurkowski

Email: albert.kurkowski@wp.pl

Tel: 0048(0)602227328

Int. Allround Judge

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor vlag roemenieElian Beverly

Email:  bevelian@gmail.com

tel: 0040745075979

Int. Allround Judge



Borras, Eduard

Email: eborrasf@ono.com
Email: eborras@gmail.com


Int. Allround Judge