Introduction by the chairman.

The question is, what was the reason to found the Stichting Internationale Onafhankelijke kattenkeurmeesters (Foundation international independent cat judges)

Myself, and many serious colleague judges have noticed that in the last couple of years many new judges have emerged, that have no or hardly any exams taken in the right way. This in cooperation with some dubious cat clubs and judges. The problem is, that these new judges are not being checked for their certificates, when they apply to a club for judging and are being accepted without any verification. In the foundation, there are committees from different countries and the board of the foundation, that verify the certificates, applications and supplementary exams of the new judges. The judges that have been verified by the committees and the board, for taking the right exams with acknowledged judges and acknowledged clubs, can voluntarily be put on the judges list of the foundation. We hope that there will be an end to above mentioned soon, because breeders that show their cats for judging and pay money for that, do not benefit from judges with inaccurate certificates, sometimes even without any exam in any breed at all. On the website of the foundation we will promote the cat clubs that invite judges that have been approved by the committees and the board of the foundation and are mentioned on the website of the foundation.

Chairman P.J.Peters

The board of the Foundation International independant cat judges, would like to thank everybody who helped to realize the establishing of the Foundation.